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Darton, Longman and Toddis the rights-holder and publisher of three Bible translations – the Jerusalem Bible, the New Jerusalem Bible and the Revised New Jerusalem Bible – in a variety of study and pocket-sized editions.

The Jerusalem Bible (JB) first appeared in 1966, one of the very
first Bibles to be published in accessible, contemporary English. It was hailed as a masterpiece of textual accuracy and modern style, which kept as close as possible to the meaning of the ancient texts from which it had been translated.

The New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) was first published in 1985,
reflecting the desire to build on the success of the Jerusalem Bible. The fresh translation from the original scriptures is accompanied in some editions by the study notes from the JB, and incorporates changes in scholarship (since publication of the JB) as well as the fruits of two decades’ experience of using the JB in public worship.

In February 2018, the Revised New Jerusalem Bible (RNJB) was launched, with an edition of the New Testament and Psalms. The full Bible will follow in October 2018. It is a Bible for study and proclamation that fulfils the pressing need for a lucid translation with clear explanatory notes for use in public and private reading, for instruction and for the liturgy. The Psalms are based on the 2010 Revised Grail Psalter.

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